Diablo 4's Top Player Calls for Loot Filters and Discusses Game's Future

  • John Williams
  • Jun-21-2023
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Diablo 4's Top Player Calls for Loot Filters and Discusses Game's Future

Wudijo, arguably the best Diablo 4 player, has shared his thoughts on the game's current state and possible improvements. The German player is known for his dedication to the franchise, being the first to reach level 100 solo in Diablo 4's hardcore mode and regularly offering advice to fellow players. Wudijo recently participated in a Q&A session on the Diablo 4 subreddit, where he discussed various aspects of the game, from its endgame grind to the much-needed addition of loot filters.

In the main part of the discussion, Wudijo addressed the issue of the grind after level 70, stating that he believes seasonal content will likely break the monotony of the endgame. He also expressed concerns about the Vulnerability mechanic, which many players feel is too essential for optimal builds. Wudijo suggested possible nerfs and compensatory buffs to address this issue. When it comes to character classes, his preference lies in the Rogue class, followed by Druid, Sorceror, Barbarian, and Necromancer.

Wudijo also shared his thoughts on the most fun builds, praising the Rogue class in general and mentioning Twisting Blade, Barrage, and Rapid Fire builds. He expressed gratitude for the recent addition of the Scroll of Escape, which helps players in hardcore mode deal with disconnects. Wudijo even joked that the current Diablo 4 endgame revolves around complaining about nerfs on Reddit.

Regarding future improvements, Wudijo listed several suggestions, including the addition of more pinnacle bosses, scaleable seasonal content, and loot filters. He emphasized the importance of loot filters, stating that the current amount of trash loot at high levels is overwhelming and detracts from the excitement of finding rare items. Despite these critiques, Wudijo praised Diablo 4's combat, saying it is the best of any ARPG he has played.

In conclusion, Wudijo's insights provide valuable feedback for the Diablo 4 community and its developers. His love for the game began at a young age, when he was introduced to Diablo 2 at a LAN party. Now, as one of the most dedicated players of the franchise, Wudijo's opinions carry weight and could potentially shape the future of Diablo 4. With the game's first seasonal content reveal on the horizon, it remains to be seen which, if any, of his suggested improvements will be implemented.

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