Major Changes in Fall Damage Coming to Destiny 2

  • John Williams
  • Feb-10-2023
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Major Changes in Fall Damage Coming to Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is set to receive major game-changing nerfs to fall damage in the upcoming season 20 midseason update. Starting with the Lightfall release date, Bungie will make changes focused on reducing the negative impacts of collision damage. Fall damage will no longer be lethal in the game come April, and Guardians of all skill levels will no longer have to worry about dying from misgauged landings. 

By its scheduled midseason update, the Bungie team is expected to make fall damage no longer lethal in the first-person-shooter game. This change is largely welcome as it will reduce the in-game deaths of Guardians, especially those that occur due to random interactions or Cabal drop pods. Guardians will no longer have to wait for their teammates to revive them or wait a set amount of time to respawn after a death, which severely negatively impacts the gameplay experience. 

Bungie didn’t share their reasons for making the change. However, it might be due to the grapple mechanics coming with the Strand subclass and the vertical levels of Neomuna in Lightfall. Fall damage reduction will still allow Guardians to take some degree of damage from physics collisions, but they will generally be left with only 1 HP instead of being killed outright. 

The city of Neomuna is set to be a more vertical area of the game, which means players will have to grapple their way through it. With the fall damage nerf, Guardians can grapple without the fear of dying from misjudging their landing. This will bring more excitement to the game as players have more freedom to explore and take risks in the game. 

In conclusion, Bungie has made a welcome change with fall damage in Destiny 2, which is set to make the game more enjoyable and exciting. Players can look forward to taking risks and exploring the city of Neomuna without fear of ending their run with a misgauged landing. With the changes, Guardians of all skill levels will benefit from this nerf to fall damage when the midseason update comes in April.

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