New Project Announcement from Game Developers behind Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk

  • Mary Brown
  • Jan-17-2024
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New Project Announcement from Game Developers behind Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk

Rebel Wolves, a group of talented developers who previously worked with CD Projekt Red, have shed some light on their upcoming title. This gaming collective gained critical acclaim for their contributions to the beloved Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the provocative Cyberpunk 2077 before venturing out to establish their independent venture.

In a recent post shared by Rebel Wolves, they gave a glimpse into their newest project by revealing its working title, Dawnwalker. They accompanied this announcement with an enigmatic concept art showing a dark figure armed with a sword, complemented with cryptic symbols floating overhead. The chosen title, combined with this cryptic imagery, evokes a sense of the supernatural, enhanced by the character's menacing claw hands set against a daunting, crimson backdrop.

The official statement from the studio reads as an exciting tease, "We normally refrain from commenting on speculation. But to address the whispers we've caught wind of... Indeed, we are in the process of creating Dawnwalker!" This news will undoubtedly excite fans of their previous works, specifically those who enjoyed the Blood and Wine expansion of The Witcher 3.

In this expansion, fans followed the hardened hero, Geralt of Rivia, unraveling a vampire plot within the vividly detailed kingdom of Toussaint. The intriguing visual representation shared by the team also features an icon seemingly connected to Christian symbology, arousing further curiosity about a possible supernatural version of our world being the setting for Dawnwalker.

Rebel Wolves' developers, who are seasoned industry professionals, are keen on conceptualizing incredible virtual environments filled with engaging content and unique experiences. The studio portrays its work in progress as a AAA IP, a narrative-led RPG saga for PCs and next-generation consoles. This early revelation leaves gaming enthusiasts eager for more on this promising venture.

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