Palworld Enhances Xbox Experience with New Stability Patch

  • Mary Brown
  • Jan-30-2024
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Palworld Enhances Xbox Experience with New Stability Patch

The developers at Pocketpair have rolled out a fresh update aimed at improving the stability of Palworld on Xbox and Microsoft Store PC versions. In the world of early-access gaming, it's common for titles to evolve through patches, and Palworld, the beloved open-world survival game, is no exception. This is particularly pivotal for the Xbox edition, which has been experiencing more technical hiccups than its Steam version, including a higher frequency of game interruptions.

Although it's not clear whether the latest patch directly solves the Xbox crash issue, the update is set to make the gameplay smoother. Xbox players eager for a more stable gaming session can now download the update, which, according to the patch notes, has "made adjustments to enhance the game's stability."

Players accessing Palworld via Xbox Game Pass will have to explore the updated game themselves to determine if any specific issues they've faced have been resolved. Meanwhile, Pocketpair continues its commitment to rectifying significant problems within the game.

A particularly vexing glitch for players has been Pals not engaging in combat or behaving in any supportive manner during gameplay. While restarting the game sometimes solves this issue, it is far from a proper fix. This bug significantly hinders progress, making boss confrontations nearly impossible, a problem that demands urgent attention for a remedial fix.

Currently, the Xbox version lags behind the richer PC gaming experience. Noteworthy differences include a severe player cap at four on Xbox, unlike the potential for 32 players as seen on the Steam platform, and the absence of dedicated servers. The commitment to continuous updates, however, signals that the Xbox iteration will gradually be polished to mirror the PC version's functionalities.

Moreover, Pocketpair has an ambitious roadmap for Palworld, with player-versus-player battles, raid challenges, and additional content on the horizon. Palworld's commercial triumph seems poised to continue, bolstered by the developer's dedication to frequent enhancements, suggesting that the game's popularity will continue to soar in the foreseeable future.

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