Simon the Sorcerer Origins Revives Classic Magic with a Prequel Adventure

  • Mary Brown
  • Mar-23-2024
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Simon the Sorcerer Origins Revives Classic Magic with a Prequel Adventure

The beloved teen sorcerer makes a comeback in the gaming universe with Simon the Sorcerer Origins. Released in 1993, Simon, the Sorcerer by Adventure Soft is a point-and-click adventure game that follows young Simon as he is whisked away to a magical realm filled with literary allusions and a comedic tone reminiscent of Lucasfilm's contemporaneous releases, such as The Secret of Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle.

Although not as widely recognized, Simon the Sorcerer spawned four additional chapters in his saga, with the latest installment arriving in 2009. The series then went dormant until now. At the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, which is currently taking place, Italian developers Smallthing and Leonardo Interactive revealed Simon the Sorcerer Origins. This new venture offers a fresh yet nostalgic take on the storied character. Serving art the original game, it once again dresses players in Simon's young shoes as he ventures into the fantasy realm, encountering absurd dilemmas. This installment, however, will feature environments and character designs that are hand-painted and animated, using more than 15,000 images to bring the world to life.

To the delight of fans, Rick Ashley (indeed, the pop icon) will contribute his hit Together Forever to the game's soundtrack. The debut trailer for Simon, the Sorcerer Origins, is available for viewing, showcasing Chris Barrie returning as the voice of Simon and featuring original music score by Mason Fisher.

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