Sky of Tides: Unveiling a New World of Decision-Driven Sci-Fi Adventure

  • John Williams
  • Mar-21-2024
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Sky of Tides: Unveiling a New World of Decision-Driven Sci-Fi Adventure

In this science fiction role-playing game, experience a blend of gameplay and aesthetics reminiscent of Disco Elysium, all set against the backdrop of an impending interplanetary conflict.

"Sky of Tides" transports players into the life of Rin, a young woman from a technologically elite race teetering on the edge of conflict.

Influenced by the decision-making and narrative style of Disco Elysium, "Sky of Tides" promises that players' choices will significantly affect the unfolding story. The game introduces compelling role-playing mechanics, where your conversational selections not only shape your character's abilities but also open up new pathways for dialogue and personalization options.

Announced during the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, "Sky of Tides" has set an initial 2024 release target and recently unveiled its first demo, offering an enticing preview of the game's potential.

The setting is Numen, a world shattered into nine separate islands following a calamitous event. This division has led to a power struggle between two factions, with Rin caught in the middle. However, Rin's journey is not just about survival; it's a quest to heal her fractured home and find her lost father.

Her father, a scientist, has stumbled upon a conspiracy that might just pave the way to peace. As players guide Rin, they will not only influence her abilities and the narrative direction but also affect the remnants of Numen and its inhabitants.

Lofty Sky Entertainment, the developer behind "Sky of Tides," has a successful track record with the action game/comic hybrid "Shuyan Saga," which has garnered positive feedback on Steam. This history sets high expectations for their latest project.

"Sky of Tides" is currently available for wishlisting on Steam. Players are encouraged to try the demo for a glimpse of the unique gaming experience awaiting them upon its release on platforms including Xbox Series X, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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