Twitter Announces Improvements for DMs and Encryption

  • John Williams
  • Mar-06-2023
  • 533
Twitter Announces Improvements for DMs and Encryption

Exciting news for tech enthusiasts, Twitter is partnering with Elon Musk to launch full encryption for direct messaging on its platform. As part of the update, the additional capacity to reply to individual DMs in a chain, as well as any emoji as a reaction, is expected to roll out this month. 

With this update, users will be able to enjoy private messaging with an extra layer of security. The encryption feature allows messages to be seen only by the sender and the intended recipient and no one else. 

Furthermore, the capacity to chain replies to individual DMs enables users to engage in multiple conversations with different people, all within the same thread. This allows for quicker navigation amongst messages and easier management of conversations. 

Finally, the use of any emoji as a reaction gives Twitter users the freedom to express themselves with more variety in the DMs. This allows them to express themselves in a more personalized way and makes conversations even more fun and interactive.

This update will bring a new level of privacy and convenience for Twitter users. They can now stay connected with friends and family on the social media platform in an even more secure and enjoyable way. With these new features, Twitter is sure to provide users with an even better experience.

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