Unlocking Wealth in Stardew Valley: Master the Art of Fish Smoking with Update 1.6

  • John Williams
  • Mar-31-2024
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Unlocking Wealth in Stardew Valley: Master the Art of Fish Smoking with Update 1.6

The 1.6 update of Stardew Valley introduces a lucrative new venture for gamers involving the extensive use of fish smoking. A player of Stardew Valley stumbled upon this wealth-accumulating opportunity with the introduction of a fresh item in the 1.6 update.

Eric 'ConcernedApe' Barone, the creator, unveiled the 1.6 update for Stardew Valley more than a week ago. This update injected new vitality into the agricultural simulation game by adding a variety of enhancements including new non-playable characters, dialogue options, costumes, festivities, crops, items, and much more. Interestingly, an item that seemed unremarkable at first glance has emerged as an incredible means to amass wealth swiftly.

Aiming4Gaming, a YouTuber, outlined how the Fish Smoker Artisan Equipment is remarkably effective for generating income. There are multiple steps involved, but once the process is established, you can endlessly produce and sell goods, earning considerable profits. Ensure your game is upgraded to the 1.6 version to utilize this method.

To begin, acquisition of a fish smoker is necessary. This can be achieved through various avenues: purchasing it from Willy for 10,000 gold, receiving it as a complimentary item on a Riverland farm, or crafting it yourself with 10 hardwood and 3 kinds of jellies—materials that are gatherable from rivers, seas, and caves. Once assembled, operating the smoker requires merely one fish, a coal piece, and 50 minutes in the game.

The video guide points out that smoked fish maintain the quality rating of the raw fish, meaning that higher-quality fish yield more valuable smoked fish. Enhancements to this process can include using a charcoal kiln for efficiency or selecting specific fish like Catfish to increase profitability. With these steps completed, you’re on your way to financial success.

With your array of smoked fish, now considered artisan goods, you have the option to sell them directly to Pierre or place them in your shipping bin. This strategy is exceptionally beneficial for those with Fisher, Angler, or Artisan professions, as it allows for the application of both fishing and artisan bonuses to each sold item.

Beyond the fish smoker, the 1.6 update has more to explore, including why Stardew Valley speedrunners are competing to be the fastest at consuming a jar of mayonnaise.

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