YouTube Music Launches New Podcast Auto-Download Feature

  • Mary Brown
  • Oct-03-2023
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YouTube Music Launches New Podcast Auto-Download Feature

Continuing its commitment to enhancing user experience, YouTube Music has announced the introduction of a new feature aimed at podcast listeners. The latest feature, called auto-download, promises to provide uninterrupted app engagement even without Internet access. It brings convenience for podcast enthusiasts by automatically downloading the most recent episodes of their favorite shows, allowing them to enjoy the content offline.

YouTube Music aims to facilitate a more personalized experience by letting users choose the auto-download functionality on a per-show and per-device basis. This user-centric feature will enable them to manage their music and podcast consumption in tune with their individual preferences. However, currently, YouTube Music does not provide an auto-removal setting for completed podcast episodes, requiring users to manually delete them once they have listened.

The new auto-download feature for podcasts is part of the YouTube Music version 6.21. This update aims to improve the accessibility and convenience of its platform for its vast base of users. The development aligns with the platform's constant strive to evolve and adapt to cater to the disparate listening habits of its global user base.

To add this functionality, users will need to head over to the podcast's show page and tap on the settings gear icon located next to the 'Add to Library' button. Users still seeing a three-dot overflow menu next to the 'Add to Library' button would be operating under the old user interface.

Once the settings are accessed, users can enable the 'Turn on auto-downloads' option. This feature will ensure that YouTube Music will consistently download the most recent episode from a selected show for users to listen offline, thereby guaranteeing uninterrupted enjoyment. Though this feature is a notable enhancement, observers have pointed out one shortfall — the absence of an auto-removal setting. This popular feature, present in Google Podcasts, allows users to decide when completed episodes should be automatically removed.

The new auto-download feature has been initially spotted on YouTube Music version 6.21. That's the latest non-beta version accessible on the Play Store, positioned to offer the most robust and stable version currently available for users. However, not all would receive the changes immediately, as the roll-out appears to depend on users' account settings.

In conclusion, the introduction of the auto-download feature for podcasts on YouTube Music signifies an exciting step forward for the platform. While it ensures that users never miss the latest episodes of their favorite shows, it also promises uninterrupted entertainment, irrespective of their Internet connection. Although the absence of an auto-removal setting might pose a slight inconvenience, the overall efforts to streamline offline podcast enjoyment herald a promising future for podcast listeners on YouTube Music.

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