Creepy Surprises: Top 10 Scariest Easter Eggs in Video Games

  • John Williams
  • Jul-07-2023
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Creepy Surprises: Top 10 Scariest Easter Eggs in Video Games

Video game designers love to hide little secrets in their games for gamers to find. Often these are fun nods to other games or series, jokes, or bonuses. However, occasionally, they serve up scares, especially in the horror game genre, where they blend in seamlessly. Without further ado, here are the top 10 handpicked scariest Easter eggs in video games.

1. Batman: Arkham Knight's Man-Bat

The Arkham series loves its jump scares, and Batman: Arkham Knight has arguably the best one. After reaching the top of any building and perching for the first time, Batman is attacked by none other than Man-Bat. This unexpected encounter is one of the game's most startling surprises, providing a horrific twist to Batman's typically dark yet predictable world.

2. Minecraft's Herobrine

It might surprise you to find the peaceful world of Minecraft on this list, but the now infamous "Herobrine" Easter egg added an eerie sense of the creepypasta culture into this otherwise tranquil game. This supposedly removed non-playable character, resembling the default game skin but with glowing eyes, doesn't officially exist. However, players have reported strange behaviors such as trees losing their leaves unusually or tunnel-like structures appearing, leading to gathered fear and various myths surrounding Herobrine.

Minecraft's Herobrine Easter egg

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's Teddy Bears

The teddy bear is a recurring element in the Call of Duty series, often linked with tragedy or creepiness. In Modern Warfare 2, teddy bears emerge in various spots throughout the game – sometimes, in places inaccessible without cheats or glitches. The creepiest occurrence is in the mission "Loose Ends", where a ghostly child's voice can be heard giggling near a teddy bear leaned against a tree, followed by pleas for help. This eerie insertion leaves a chilling impression.

4. Fallout 3's Number Stations

Fallout 3’s Easter egg involves a series of cryptic messages that seem to foretell actual events. Tuning into the radio station "Galaxy News Radio" and killing the host "Three Dog" causes a new entity to take over. The entity broadcasts strange numbers and Morse code that, when deciphered, leads to truly macabre predictions. The predictions range from mentioning future game releases to eerily accurate real-world events, creating one grand, unsettling illusion.

5. Grand Theft Auto V's Ghost of Mount Gordo

Grand Theft Auto V is awash with Easter eggs, but none creepier than the ghost of Mount Gordo. If players venture there between 23:00 and 24:00 game time, a ghastly apparition appears, disappearing if approached. When observed through a sniper scope, you can read a blood-red "Jock" written nearby, teasing a grim story behind the ghost’s appearance, giving the game a horror-tinged subplot.

Grand Theft Auto V's Ghost of Mount Gordo Easter Egg

6. Diablo II’s Secret Cow Level

Diablo II introduces players to a secret cow level filled with murderous, bipedal cows, a hellish nightmare even for seasoned players. Created as a response to a rumor about a hidden cow level in the first Diablo, this level turns the game's common livestock enemy into a brutal mob, creating an unexpected, terrifying challenge.

7. Hitman: Blood Money's Ghost

Hitman: Blood Money allows you to embrace the role of a ruthless contract killer. However, in the mission "Till Death Do Us Part", a peculiar and spine-chilling Easter egg can be found. Near a quiet, remote stream behind a crypt, a ghostly specter's silhouette can be faintly seen standing on the water. The sight of the ghostly figure in an otherwise real-world setting just adds to the feeling of unease.

8. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask's Fierce Deity Link

This Easter egg brings an uncanny twist to the beloved Legend of Zelda series. The "Fierce Deity's Mask" turns Link into a version of himself that looks more demonic than heroic. Although it provides him superpowers, Link’s demonic transformation, and the mask's vague backstory have managed to inspire fear and fan theories about this dark, cursed form.

The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask's Fierce Deity Link Easter Egg

9. Pokemon Red and Blue’s Lavender Town

Known for its ominous music, Pokemon Red and Blue’s Lavender Town houses the infamous "Pokemon Tower," a graveyard for deceased Pokemon. It takes a dark turn when you encounter a ghost here. Without the Silph Scope, it manifests as an unsettling apparition with a spine-tingling shriek, a macabre hidden surprise in an otherwise cheerful series.

10. Gears of War 2’s Maria

In Gears of War 2, Dom's mission throughout the game is to find his wife, Maria. Unfortunately, when he finally does find her, she's in a horrifying, comatose state, resulting in a heartbreaking tragedy. However, a creepy Easter egg is hidden in the game where if you shoot Maria before Dom opens her pod, a laughter track will play, bringing dark humor to an otherwise tragic scene.

These creepy Easter eggs provide an unexpected thrill. Developers have creatively incorporated them into the virtual worlds, showing that the horror element in video games isn't limited to the horror genre. They are a surprising reminder that beneath the action, adventure, and fantasy, darkness could be lurking around any corner, ready to show players that games can go beyond their familiar realms and present dark and terrifying secrets, making our gaming experiences one heck of a creepy adventure.

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