Discovering the Intricate Art of Crafting and Research in Starfield

  • John Williams
  • Jan-18-2024
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Discovering the Intricate Art of Crafting and Research in Starfield

If you have an adventurous spirit and a flair for deep space exploration, Starfield’s universe is awaiting. Packed with encounters from pirates to aliens, no explorer can last without equipping themselves with top-tier technology. More importantly, skillfully modifying and upgrading this tech can turn you into somewhat of a sought-after asset, even by NASA standards! Whether it's perfecting your spacesuit, optimizing your weapons, establishing superior outposts, or simply mastering the culinary arts, it all comes down to Starfield’s in-depth crafting and research systems. This guide provides an easy-to-follow roadmap to becoming the most skilled astronaut in the Milky Way.

The Basics of Crafting in Starfield

Crafting essentially begins with locating the right Workbench, selecting the desired item, and spending the required resources to craft it. Five types of crafting workbenches sprinkle the universe. All these can be found conveniently located in one room, along with a Research Station in New Atlantis' basement. Reaching this crafting haven requires traveling to New Atlantis and fast-traveling to the Lodge. Just before you reach the captivating library with spinning anti-grav rings, take a right through a doorway and descend a staircase.

Navigating the Crafting Process and Tracking Components

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The crafting procedure remains uniform across all workbenches. Highlighting a crafting option will display the component requirements on the right. If your inventory is stocked with all the necessary parts, crafting can commence immediately. Lacking any components leads you to press the Track button. This is pretty handy as it highlights missing materials in the field with a blue magnifying glass icon. Initially, advanced crafting might seem out of reach, but advancing the correct Skills unlocks new research projects. These, when completed at Research Labs, open a Pandora's box of crafting possibilities. The Science Skill Tree is the place to hunt for these crucial Skills.

Tackling Research Projects in Starfield

Successfully unlocking crafting options calls for research. Research projects are conducted at Research Lab terminals. Certain Aid items can enhance your research efficiency, which you can apply to your character before beginning your projects. After selecting a project, you can gradually contribute resources until the project requirements are fully met. Depositing resources can happen at any Research Lab you stumble upon, including the one on your spaceship.

The Upside of Sudden Developments and Planning Research Projects

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During your exploration, be prepared for an occurrence named 'Sudden Developments'. Despite the ominous sound, it's a positive event that slashes down the resources needed for a project. Five Research categories are available, mirroring the five different types of crafting workbenches. Completing a research project can unlock further research options. Take a peek at the Research Projects screen and plot your journey to the technology that you covet.

In hindsight, the process might look daunting, but it's all about maintaining the rhythm. A quick tour of New Atlantis' Lodge, conducting critical chem research, crafting artful barrels for your space pistol, and zooming away on your next mission- the Starfield experience is nothing less than thrilling. Tailoring suits and weapons adds another layer of complexity and creativity to this game. So, we pass the baton to you – what are your favorite modifications?

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