Sunday's Word Workout: January 14th Wordle Solution and More

  • John Williams
  • Jan-22-2024
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Sunday's Word Workout: January 14th Wordle Solution and More

Whatever the day, it's always a great time for a game of Wordle. As the weekend comes to a close, the game's enthusiasts are determined to figure out the five-letter word for today, 14th January. This addictive online word puzzle challenges players to guess a secret word in six attempts or less – the fewer tries, the better. However, if unable to complete it within this limit, the player's streak is broken, thus making it urgent to solve the day's challenge. Here, you can find hints as well as the ultimate answer to keep your streak alive.

Decoding the Puzzler's Charm

Developing an increased interest in games, the New York Times adopted Wordle, further popularizing the game. Jonathan Knight, Head of Games for the NYTimes, reveals the fascinating journey of their gaming fascination in an exclusive interview. The NYTimes Mini Crossword was also mentioned during the conversation, underscoring its consistent ability to win over users due to its reliability and joyous nature.

Resolve With Hints & The Revealed Answer

Wordle on smartphone

For those in need of just a nudge to crack the day's Wordle, a few clues could make the difference. However, for those who find the puzzle particularly challenging, there is no harm in learning the solution. Today, the Wordle solution is 'DOING.' Despite initially choosing the words 'Flint' and 'Quink' and being stumped later, the realization dawned that the correct answer could be derived from the word 'Going'. However, when 'Going' didn't fit, the right choice, 'Doing', was reached. Be mindful not to ruin the experience for others; share the results in the grid format, spoiler-free.

Etymology Explained: From 'Do' to 'Doing'

In the context of etymology, unearthing 'doing' leads to the exploration of 'do.' An unchanged meaning over centuries dating back to Middle English, 'do' has seen variations in its spelling. It was written as 'don' in old English, potentially drawn from West Germanic's 'domain.' 'Dyde,' when signifying the past tense in Old English, transformed into 'diddle' or 'dude' in Middle English.

A Glimpse Back and A Look Forward

Wordle game letters

This week witnessed intriguing words appear on the Wordle scene. To delve deeper into the game's historical solutions, access our archives detailing past Wordle answers. Having successfully completed today's Wordle, what's next? Plenty! The New York Times offers other entertaining word-based games like Spelling Bee, Mini Crossword, and Letter Boxed, along with Connections, Sudokus, and the captivating motif-matching game Tiles.

Wordle Deviations and Further Options

There are also games that reinterpret the original Wordle concept. Squaredle expects players to discover a series of words by linking letters in a four-by-four grid. Dordle, Quorodly, Octordly, and Sedecordle maintain the standard Wordle format while increasing the number of words to be found. Your guesses count for all the words, putting you at the crossroads of concentrating on one specific word or trying to solve several at once. Fortunately, as the count of words grows, so does your number of allowed guesses. And for those in need of a break from word games, try GeoGuessr, a location-guessing game styled with a School RuneScape touch. So, savor the joy of playing Wordle today and expand your gaming horizon!

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