10 Interesting Facts about Brawl Stars

  • Mary Brown
  • Mar-02-2024
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10 Interesting Facts about Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars, Supercell's action-packed multiplayer arena fighter, has quickly risen as a titan in the mobile gaming industry since its global launch in December 2018. The game is an excellent example of how simplicity and depth can coexist, offering addictive gameplay that combines elements of traditional MOBAs and fast-paced shoot-'em-up action.

In this captivating world of Brawl Stars, players are thrown into a vibrant universe filled with an eclectic mix of characters, or 'brawlers,' each boasting unique abilities and personalities that bring a unique flair to the battlefield. With multiple game modes that challenge strategies, reflexes, and teamwork, the game has ensnared a diverse audience of casual gamers and competitive enthusiasts alike.

What many may not realize is that Brawl Stars' journey to stardom is lined with fascinating anecdotes and hidden gems that paint a picture of innovation and community engagement. Did you know that Brawl Stars underwent a staggering 544 days in beta before its global release, the longest in Supercell's history? Or that the game’s characters not only range in rarity but also represent various backstories and are part of a greater narrative within the Brawl Stars ecosystem?

Brawl Stars game art

These tidbits are mere teasers of the rich tapestry that is Brawl Stars. Embark with us as we uncover behind-the-scenes insights, explore the evolution of its ever-growing roster of characters, and delve into the statistics that illustrate its meteoric rise and its impact on the competitive gaming scene. Whether you're an avid fan, a curious newcomer, or someone intrigued by the phenomenon of viral mobile games, there's plenty of intrigue and excitement to be discovered in the dynamic world of Brawl Stars.
Interesting facts about Brawl Stars

  1. Previously, Mortis moved 3 squares forward with his attack, while currently, Mortis moves only one square. When using all three attacks, Mortis moved as many as 9 cells, while the current one can only move 3.
  2. When a fighter's strength increases, his stats always increase by 5% of his base health. In this sense, the stats of a fighter with the highest level will be 40% higher than the stats of a fighter of the first level.
  3. Tara's name means "star" in Sanskrit.
  4. Bull and Shelley are right-handed because of the way they hold their shotguns.
  5. Piper closes his eyes during the shooting.
  6. The Bull's attack is called a "Double-barrelled shotgun," but for some reason, he uses a three-barrelled shotgun.
  7. Darryl was the first male fighter added to the game.
  8. After maneuvering on the map, your footprints will remain on the ground, where you can find out whether the opponent ran into the bushes or not. But after a certain time, they disappear.
  9. In the history of Brawl Stars, there were 3 improvement systems: Elixir, badges, and power points. Power points are currently being used.
  10. A total of 21/26 voices are voiced in the game (Almost all), but only 6 voice actors are known. Voice actors: Nita-Marissa Lenti, Shelley-, Sandra EspinosaColt-Billy Kemets, Bo-Brian Stevle, Bull Bill Russell, Jessie-Maya Tuttle


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