10 Interesting Facts About The Legendary Movie "Barbie"

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  • Feb-25-2024
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10 Interesting Facts About The Legendary Movie "Barbie"

"Barbie" may surprise you not only with huge collections and colorful scenes but also with the victims of Ryan Gosling, the appearance of John Cena, and the punchy character of Margot Robbie. And this is just the beginning!

The noise around the movie "Barbie" will definitely not subside in the near future, especially when more and more interesting facts about the pink sensation come up every day. On the contrary, her popularity is only gaining momentum, and she has every chance to enter the top of the greatest paintings of the decade. So, the hard work of the set and the cast did not go unnoticed.

In an interview for Vogue, Ryan Gosling shared that the boxes mostly contained beach-themed items, such as seashells. The reason for this choice was Ken's peculiar connection with the sea. With these gifts, Margot Robbie was clearly trying to set the actor up in the right way, and she succeeded!

The production of the film turned out to be no less fascinating than its plot. In their interviews, Margot Robbie and other stars often shared funny moments from filming. Some of them are hard to believe at all. The most interesting facts about the legendary painting of 2023, which you probably did not know, are collected here, especially for you!

Gifts for a Living Ken

Barbie and Ken screenshot

Of course, the role of handsome Ken was quite difficult and responsible. Therefore, Margot Robbie decided to help Ryan Gosling get used to the character of a glamorous guy. To do this, she gave her colleague pink gifts every day, which, according to the idea, were supposed to set the actor up in the right way. Apparently, Barbie decided to approach the creation of his image very responsibly!

Filming Caused a Shortage of Pink Paint

The first thing that is associated with Barbie is, of course, pink. Since the filmmakers decided to abandon computer graphics to the maximum, the material consumption turned out to be huge! Just imagine, the scenery had to be painted and beautifully decorated so that everything looked very realistic on camera.

However, to decorate the mansion of the main character, a certain pink color was needed. The choice fell on the fluorescent paint from Rosco, and gradually, its quantity decreased. As a result, the shooting of the picture caused literally a shortage of this shade around the world. And yet, it's worth admitting that the result was worth it. The film is striking in its brightness.

margot robbie barbie movie screenshot

In The Real World, Barbie Is Also Called The Daughter Of The Doll-Maker

Not many people know, but the real name of the Barbie doll is Barbara Millicent Roberts. That's what the creator of the popular toy, Ruth Handler, called her. However, when watching the movie, you may notice one feature. When the main character moves to the real world, she chooses a completely different surname, which does not look like the canonical one.

So, Margot Robbie's character changed her full name to Barbara Handler. And although it differs from the original doll, it is not at all possible to say that such a change is for the worse. On the contrary, such a tribute to the creator of Barbie turned out to be very sweet. And the fans appreciated this move and supported it.

There Is Never Much Advertising, Even If It Is More Expensive Than The Movie Itself

Of course, marketing is considered an integral part of any film premiere. However, in this regard, the creators of "Barbie" have surpassed themselves, and in the truest sense. Variety reported that the cost of promoting the film exceeded its production budget by $5 million. And it was clearly worth it!

Such expenses have certainly paid off with interest. Marketing did its job, and gradually, the aesthetics of Barbicore began to spread actively. You don't even need to watch a movie to understand what it's about. The producers definitely did not stay in the red. What has not been captured by the pink fever — food, posters, clothes, and even the sphere of video games! In general, Barbie literally conquered the whole world.

Barbie movie commercial foto

Glued Barbie Shoes

Probably one of the most sensational scenes in the film was the shot where Barbie takes off her shoes and stays on her toes. This is a kind of reference to the original doll, whose feet are always in the same position. However, filming such a moment was a real test for Margot Robbie.

Greta Gerwig immediately refused to use graphics, and the actress supported her. It took 8 takes to get the shot! Pink shoes were glued to the floor with double-sided tape, and the girl herself was holding onto the crossbar. Their efforts were not in vain. The audience appreciated this moment and made it a full-fledged trend.

The Machine Is On The Control Panel

In the film, the main character drove her own Chevrolet Corvette. However, in some shots behind him, the actress had to sing and dance, which made driving the car almost impossible and dangerous. Therefore, a fairly simple decision was made to switch it to remote control.
Moreover, the size of the car was also reduced for greater convenience. It differs in size from the original Corvette, but the difference is almost invisible on the screen. As a result, it turned out that Margot Robbie starred in a real pink car on the remote control as befits a Barbie!

barbie movie car screenshot

A Doppelganger for Barbie

After the release of "Sex Education," the star of the series, Emma McKay, was immediately compared to Margot Robbie. However, this situation did not upset her at all, but for the creators of "Barbie," on the contrary, it served as inspiration. The actress, along with Greta Gerwig, thought it would make a funny joke.

 And yet, they failed to create a full-fledged clone of the main character. After changing into a suit, McKay stopped looking like Robbie at all. The actress got her role in the film anyway and just did a great job with it. I wonder if this will serve as an end to the constant comparison of the two girls.  

Penalty For The Absence Of Pink

Margot Robbie approached her role very responsibly and sometimes even too seriously. Ryan Gosling, in his interview with People, said that once a week, the Barbie singer organized a pink day. At that time, a certain dress code was established, and all those who violated it had to pay fines to the actress.
However, Robbie did not put the money she received in her pocket. They all went to charity. And yet, at such moments, the entire set was in suspense! This was especially true for men who began to prepare in advance for such days in order not to fall under the wrath of Barbie.

barbie movie pink city screenshot

Depilation for Ken

Beauty requires sacrifice. The role of the beautiful Ken is even more so. The star of the Marvel movie Simu Liu, also played "Barbie." And in order to appear on the screen, the actor had to postpone the depilation session. He appreciated and shared such an unusual experience that it was painful enough!

Of course, filming such a large-scale project did not go priceless for him. The man perfectly blended into the role of one of the Ken and made a good impression on the audience. But now he can handle all the problems because the worst is already behind him.

From Wonder Woman to Wonder Barbie

In her interview with Vogue, Margot Robbie shared that Barbie could have been played by Gal Gadot! The filmmakers saw her in the role of a glamorous doll. The actress is considered charismatic, beautiful, and endearing. All the qualities that are so necessary for a Barbiland resident.

However, due to a busy schedule, Gal Gadot was unable to play the main role. Of course, it's a pity that we didn't see Wonder Woman in a new role. And yet, Margot Robbie showed Barbie perfectly. So maybe it was for the best. Moreover, suddenly, in the future, we will see an Israeli actress in the second part of the story.

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