5 Tips for Beginners in PUBG Mobile

  • John Williams
  • Feb-28-2024
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5 Tips for Beginners in PUBG Mobile

Five Strategies to Elevate Gameplay for Novices in PUBG Mobile, Beneficial to Veterans as Well. Every day, fresh players join the ranks of the gaming world, and for those diving into PUBG Mobile for the first time, the learning curve can be steep. The game is teeming with seasoned pros, which can make starting out a daunting prospect. Knowing the right steps to take at the onset is crucial. We're here to guide you with practical advice to set you on the right path. For all you newcomers to PUBG Mobile, we've compiled a list of 5 effective tips to kickstart your gaming experience!

Find a convenient phone position

Pubg playing on the phone

Experiment with how you hold your phone while playing PING Mobile. Each method has its own strengths and weaknesses. You have to find something that is convenient specifically for you. Continue to stick to this style and try to gradually get used to it. If you play differently each time, it will be difficult to improve your skills.

Choose your favorite set of equipment

Pubg gear collection screen

It is often difficult for newcomers to PUBG Mobile to choose a convenient weapon. We advise you to initiate a training session in practice mode to experiment with each weapon the game offers. This will familiarize you with the weapon's recoil, bullet trajectory, and ammo capacity. Once acquainted, select the gear that best suits your gameplay approach. As you progress through the match, gather your preferred weapon and focus on refining your skills with it. Consistent practice will greatly enhance your performance over time.

Use different shooting modes

PUBG mobile shooting screen

Most assault rifles and submachine guns are equipped with automatic and single-firing modes. Also, some weapons have a burst firing mode. It is often used instead of the automatic mode.

The shooting modes differ significantly from each other and are designed for different tasks. Therefore, it is important to know in which situations you need to use a specific mode. This will allow you to improve your fighting skills and defeat your opponents more often.

Play on different maps

PUBG parachute jump screen

This product is better suited for individuals who are drawn to the game's competitive elements. There are currently four classic mode maps in PUBG Mobile. Each of them provides a unique gaming experience. Studying different maps will give you an understanding of where you can find good equipment. And also where the hot spots are located. Possessing this knowledge enhances your probability of victory by equipping you with the insight necessary to strategize offensive or defensive maneuvers at various positions.

Feel free to join the fight

PUBG battle near the car

One of the main mistakes of PUBG Mobile newcomers is escaping from the battlefield. This gives the opponent a chance to overwhelm you and most likely ends with your defeat.

You have to play aggressively and tactically well at the same time. As we said earlier, running away from a fight is not the best idea. Try to outwit your enemy, and also use an aggressive approach. Engaging actively will lead to far greater success than adopting a passive approach, such as remaining concealed within the underbrush. We hope you find great success in the game!

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