About the Game Fortnite. Creation History and Game Mechanics

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About the Game Fortnite. Creation History and Game Mechanics

Fortnite is a popular game designed to be played in co-op mode, where you have to do quite a lot to stay alive. This project was presented back in 2011 by a small company called Epic. At the onset of 2014, the company announced that their development would be free for all users. After all the events, the developers finally released an alpha version with access to the game, starting on December 2, 2014, and ending on the 19th.

And so, in 2015, the world saw the beta version of Fortnite, but initially, it was for Mac, with support for the popular Apple Metal technology. In the same year, a closed beta version was released. With the arrival of 2017, a fairly large number of fans can already enjoy the long-awaited game released, so far, in early access, for users of Windows and macOS operating systems, as well as on PlayStation and Xbox One game consoles. The creators of Fortnite claim that the full version of their creation will be available in 2018, and it will be free.

It's Time To Talk A Little Bit About The Game Itself

Fortnite is nothing more than a multifunctional cooperative sandbox in the survival genre. The main process is built on dynamics, so you will always have something to do. The game's expansive universe offers numerous opportunities for the player to explore. In order to survive, you need to build a lot and then carefully strengthen everything that has been erected. 

Fortnite gameplay

There are plenty of locations in the game, and there are also many rivals here who will try in every possible way to kill you. It is necessary to roam the world, scouring each segment to find all kinds of resources and useful items that will later help save lives and even kill a fairly large number of enemies. Waves of monster attacks will become more difficult to defeat each time, so you need to prepare carefully during the daytime. Players need to assemble their own teams and then distribute responsibilities among themselves.

Only in a cohesive and friendly environment will you be able to defeat any opponents, including the most powerful bosses. In the afternoon, go to explore locations, build and strengthen your home, and improve the defense of your so-called fleet. It is possible to build everything that is necessary. To begin with, go in search of a suitable territory where the base will be built. The building will have various entrances and exits, windows, and stairs, moreover, all this can be edited and adjusted. 

You will have a sufficient number of needs, and for each of them, it is possible to erect the necessary building. Do not forget that each area and the map as a whole has the property of being generated completely randomly, which will make the passage even more interesting and a little more difficult.
Each player will be given a number of weapons. Here, you can use both ranged weapons (sniper rifle and shotgun), as well as attack the enemy with a cold murder weapon (katana, knife).

The Main Character

Fortnite Character game art

When creating the main character, the player will be given a fairly extensive choice. Your hero can belong to one of four classes, namely commando, ninja, outlander, and builder. Each of the classes presented above has certain skills and abilities, all of which, in turn, can be useful in passing and fighting enemies.


The soldier is the most comprehensively developed of all four classes of heroes. The class is suitable for players seeking to possess powerful firepower.


The Ninja class has the highest movement speed. Its representatives have the ability to "double engine" and can use hand-to-hand weapons and projectiles.

Constructor (Builder)

The Constructor class is suitable for Fortnite players who are interested in construction. Due to their bonuses and their ability to use fewer resources, they build faster than other classes.


Travelers specialize in harvesting crops and resources. Due to their passive abilities, they masterfully find treasures and loot containers.

Fortnite Traveler game art

All buildings can be created from various kinds of parts consisting of stone, metal, or wood. If the player's choice falls on the “Ninja” class, then here you can be guided by abilities in combat and, best of all, in melee.

To get the necessary resources, you need to destroy all kinds of objects and structures in the environment. At the end of a certain time, your main character acquires a certain yellow ball, which allows you to collect the necessary items with even greater speed and improves combat abilities.

All buildings can be created from various kinds of parts consisting of stone, metal, or wood.
Players can also enjoy features such as the creation of weapons with their own hands, as well as self-tuning skills. You will be able to customize your skills only when you have a sufficient number of collected upgrades and completed upgrade levels in your arsenal.
The game can please users with an additional mode, namely the PvP mode, in another way - “player against player," where up to ten characters can meet in one arena.

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