Guide: How to lower the level of peace in Genshin Impact

  • Mary Brown
  • Feb-29-2024
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Guide: How to lower the level of peace in Genshin Impact

Virtual worlds in games are becoming more detailed and elaborated. They are embodied not only in the graphics and atmosphere but also in the mechanics and functions associated with game progress. One of the important aspects of the Genshin Impact game is the level of the world.

The level of the world is this ...

The world level is a parameter that determines the difficulty and available features in the game. In Genshin Impact, each player has their own individual level of the world, depending on their progress and experience. The higher the level of the world, the more content and opportunities open up to the player.

The world level increases when the player reaches a certain experience threshold. The more experience a player gains, the faster his world level will grow. As the level of the world increases, access to new locations, monsters, tasks, and resources opens up. The difficulty of the monsters also increases, which makes the game more interesting and challenging.

If there are no questions about how to raise the level of the world in Genshin Impact (at least because the game itself kindly suggests how to do this), then the tutorial is silent about the fact that this level can be lowered.

Yet there is such an opportunity, and it is needed for players who come to the project not for difficult challenges but for more relaxing evenings in a beautiful world. Well, or they want to play with more "low-level" friends. In this short guide, we briefly explain how to reduce the intensity of passion in the Chat.

menu genshin world level

How does Lowering the world level in Genshin Impact work

The option becomes available after you reach the 5th level of the world (it corresponds to the 40th rank of adventure).

You can only lower the level by one point. That is, from the fifth level, you can go down to the maximum of the fourth level but not to the first. After the demotion, the enemies will become more malleable, but keep in mind that the rewards for their elimination will now be more modest. This also applies to all other awards, including the awards of the Flowers of the Arteries of the Earth.

Please note that you can only change the world level once every 24 hours. After this period, you will be able to return the world level to its previous value.

genshin map screen

How to lower the level of peace in Genshin Impact

  1. Go to the Paymon menu.
  2. Click on the icon next to the "The world level" indicator 
  3. Next, click on the "Lower the world level" button and confirm the decision"


The level of the world in Genshin Impact has a significant impact on the course of the game and the definition of its difficulty. Therefore, raising and lowering the level of the world becomes a priority for many players. Although it requires patience, dedication, and a tactical plan, it simultaneously unlocks a vast array of fresh possibilities, exciting journeys, and advancement. In simple words, you can choose the difficulty level of the game depending on your preferences.

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