Subway Surfers Wiki: Tips and tricks of passing the game

  • John Williams
  • Feb-26-2024
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Subway Surfers Wiki: Tips and tricks of passing the game

Subway Surfers is a famous arcade game from SYBO Games studio. You will have to escape from a disgruntled subway inspector who did not appreciate your excellent graffiti on the subway car. Can you hide now? Dodge obstacles, avoid trains, and avoid crashing into lampposts. The result of the chase depends only on your skill. This great mobile runner-style game is characterized by vivid drawing, alternating musical themes, and fun gameplay that will not let you get bored.

The tips below will help you make longer runs and earn more rewards.

1. Run on the roofs of trains

Being on the roof of the train eliminates the risk of collision with ground obstacles. In addition, it is much easier to avoid being hit by oncoming trains on the roof. You just need to learn how to maneuver expertly between passing trains in order to jump from one to another in time.

Riding trains is the most reliable way to run as long as possible and get a lot of points. You can collect a lot of coins, quest items, and even power-ups on the roofs of trains. If you have to jump off the train, look for the next one as soon as possible. Use ramps or super sneakers to climb to the roof.

2. Apply power-ups and distribute coin spending

Subway Surfers coins

At the beginning of the game, you must earn as many coins as possible in order to spend them later on pumping all the main power-ups and buying power-ups from the store. Be sure to collect and use jetpacks and coin magnets to get a lot of currency. In the future, do not forget to upgrade all the main power-ups in the upgrade menu (especially the double multiplier) and replenish the boosters from the store. When using power-ups, you can additionally protect your hero from obstacles and collisions, simultaneously earning a lot of points and coins due to an increased multiplier.

3. Use the keys wisely

In the game, keys serve as the premium form of currency and are considerably harder to obtain than coins. You can "revive" your character with the keys when you lose to continue the race from where you stop. Meanwhile, each subsequent "revival" will cost more than the previous one.

For this reason, you run the risk of quickly using up all available keys and finding yourself without them in a situation where they are really needed. We recommend using the keys only when you have run a sufficiently long distance or have broken your previous mileage record. In all other cases, it's better to just start the race over and try to avoid the mistakes you've made.

4. Increase the score multiplier

Subway-Surfers gameplay screen

By increasing the multiplier, you get several times more points for your runs. The size of your multiplier will play a crucial role in the competition and in obtaining worthy places in the rankings. In other words, without a high multiplier, you simply won't be able to perform well in the game, even if you run long enough distances.

To increase your multiplier, try to complete as many missions as possible, watch commercials, and buy a "Score Booster" in the store. You can also get a "Double Multiplier" along the way of your race, which will automatically double all your points within a certain time (this time can be extended by pumping this booster).

5. Play with two hands

Playing with two hands allows you to control your character better, swipe your finger in the right direction faster, and navigate the terrain better to avoid obstacles. In addition, this control method helps to fully focus on the game and run much more successfully.

6. Constantly control the character

Subway Surfers gameplay screenshot 2

If the hero is in flight, you can still control him so that he maneuvers in the air, collects more coins, and does not hit obstacles. Don't get distracted. Keep a close eye on those areas where large accumulations of coins are observed, and send your hero to these areas. If, at the same time, you have an active reinforcement of the "Coin Magnet," then the collection process will be even more successful!

Also, be extremely careful when the character lands on the ground: it is at this moment that the risk of losing is high due to a ground obstacle or train suddenly appearing in the way. Direct your hero to the safest, "clean" railway track, where it will be easiest for you to navigate further actions.

7. Don't try to buy everything

You are invited to purchase new characters, their skins, boards, etc. Meanwhile, it is important to remember that all characters have the same characteristics, and their skins serve only a cosmetic purpose to diversify the game. We recommend that you initially familiarize yourself with the entire catalog of heroes and boards in order to choose what is worth collecting coins for. In this case, it is best to start with the boards, as they will help you get more points. Purchase game items gradually, without trying to save up for everything at once.

8. Watch the ads

There is quite a lot of advertising in the game, but with its help, you can earn currency much faster and even discover new characters! For example, when opening a box with tokens, do not refuse to watch the commercial in order to receive your winnings in threefold amount! In the same way, this applies to the videos offered for viewing based on the results of the races - you will be given additional coins for them. You can also watch ads daily to constantly replenish your supply of keys and even get free power-ups in the store/

Subway Surfers has gained huge popularity among players all over the world due to its simplicity and simultaneously addictive gameplay with a variety of content. There are a lot of interesting characters with individual stories that have been revealed in the animated series of this game. In addition, Subway Surfers never stands still and constantly gives its fans new game updates, which means new heroes, events, cool prizes, and, of course, fun races from the annoying subway inspector.

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