Survival Strategies for Newcomers in Enshrouded

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Survival Strategies for Newcomers in Enshrouded

Venture into the treacherous landscapes of Enshrouded as a Flameborn and use these essential tactics to navigate the challenges of a world shrouded in peril. In the early stages of your journey, these survival tips tailored for beginners will be your compass, whether you embark on a solitary quest or band together with comrades to face the trials ahead.

Uncomplicated Strategies for Persistence

Enshrouded simplifies many survival game staples; the focus is not on basic needs such as hunger or thirst, nor will you be encumbered by the items you carry. The essentials boil down to keeping a few variables in check:

Dining and Stamina - Prepare your meals at campfires scattered throughout the land by placing raw items over the flames until they're done. Noteworthy points include:

- Savoring three different meals at a time allows you to reap the benefits of multiple enhancements.
- Assign food items to a quick-access slot for cooking efficiency, as they can't be chosen directly from inventory storage.
- Consuming raw food may result in illness, so always cook your meals.

Warmth - Campfires not only aid in meal prep but also provide crucial warmth to stave off the chill.

Rest - When your character lies down to sleep, either in a discovered bed or one you've assembled, it rejuvenates your stamina and quickens its recovery. The length of these advantages corresponds to the duration of your rest.

Enshrouded Equipment

Harvest Smart with Appropriate Equipment

In your bid for survival in Enshrouded, eschew your weapons for material gathering and opt for the designated tools made for this very purpose:

- The axe, crafted with twigs, a stone, and string, will efficiently fall trees and increase the wood you obtain.
- A pickaxe, requiring the same materials, effortlessly mines rocks and dirt in its vicinity.

Even without these tools, certain resources like Twigs and Plant Fiber are easily collected by engaging with the corresponding shrubs.

Ransack for Crafting Supplies

Remember that the environs of Enshrouded are filled with destructible items—barrels, crates, and more—that, when dismantled, yield crafting materials integral to your success.

Mastering the Flame Altar

The Flame Altar is a pivotal element in the world of Enshrouded, serving both as a beacon for progression and a hub for your exploratory endeavors:

Activating or establishing a Flame Altar will delineate a specific zone where you're able to erect various structures, effectively turning this area into your central hub.
In addition to building, these altars enable you to call upon NPCs that you have rescued along your journey. Due to the intricacies of such interactions, it's advisable to review detailed guides on the subject, such as those for the Blacksmith NPC and effective base construction.
They also serve as fast travel points, enhancing your ability to navigate the vast world.
Should you find yourself succumbing to the hostile world, your main base, which revolves around a Flame Altar, will be where your character respawns.
These altars come with other crucial functionalities as well.

Enshrouded Flame Altar

Accelerating Your Journey: Navigational Gadgets

As aforementioned, the Flame Altar can significantly speed up travel across the land. The ability to fast travel is always an option unless you find yourself shrouded by the malevolent mist known as the Shroud.

Two crucial inventions aid in your journey through the landscapes of Enshrouded:

- The Glider opens up the skies, allowing you to soar between locations with ease.
- The Grappling Hook is your solution to overcoming vertical obstacles, such as cliffs or tall structures, by securing onto ledges and pulling yourself across.

Keeping an Eye on the Shroud Timer

As a newcomer, the Shroud's treachery demands your vigilance. Within its obscured clutches, sight is limited, and foes born of corruption lie in wait.

Time is of the essence when navigating these hazardous zones; normally, you are granted a mere five minutes to seek refuge before the mist claims you. These areas often turn the simple act of exploration into a desperate race against the clock.

Illuminated beacons providing guided navigation through the Shroud's oppressive embrace can be a saving grace. Additionally, certain rare materials can only be located within these shrouded lands, making them a worthwhile risk to brave.

Enshrouded Shroud

Creating Your First Bow

A crucial recommendation for beginners is to fashion a Bow at the first opportunity, which is quite straightforward, needing only a handful of Twigs and a piece of String. Arrows, too, are simply produced using more Twigs.

This recommendation stems from the observation that adversaries have limited patrol routes and will only chase after you for a short distance before retreating to their initial location. By engaging them from afar, you gain an advantage by landing several arrows before they can even get close.

Conquering Your First Elixir Well and Ancient Spire

An effective strategy to exploit enemy behavior is illustrated in the "Enter the Elixir Well" quest. Here, you face a formidable creature deep within a Shroud-infused area. By maintaining your distance and retreating strategically, you can repeatedly draw the foe's attention and whittle down its resilience until it is vanquished.

Upon triumph, you are rewarded not only with potent weapons but also with a crucial Shroud Core for upgrading your Flame Altar. The chest within the mini-dungeon further sweetens your victory with the Wildwood Shortbow.

"The Ancient Spires" quest requires prior acquisition of the Glider and Grappling Hook to navigate traps and reach the summit of an imposing structure.

The pinnacle of the Ancient Spire offers yet another fast travel point, along with a magnificent view of the landscape below. Utilize the Glider from this vantage point to access distant areas, unlocking the full potential of Enshrouded's open-world sandbox in just a few hours of gameplay.

Enshrouded game episode

Managing Item Loss and Mid-Air Peril

A matter not to be neglected is the outcome following your character's demise, which can arise from a multitude of hazards in Enshrouded:

Items carried in your backpack at the time of demise are scattered, awaiting retrieval at the marked spot on your map by interacting with a special container.
This container appears at the last stable location where your character stood before meeting their end, such as the crest of a mountain before a steep fall.

While the process seems simple, complications arise if your demise occurs mid-air, such as during a gliding mishap. For instance, if an unfortunate incident leaves you colliding with a tree, momentarily teetering on a branch before plummeting down, the following may unfold:

The items, now encased in a mid-air container at the branch's location, defy gravity. Neither felling the tree nor attempting to glide to the container will retrieve your lost belongings. Your last resort? Construct additional altars and build a series of ramps stretching skyward to reclaim your possessions. Hence, take heed: always avoid situations that can lead to a mid-flight or elevated fatal mishap.

Using these foundational strategies will establish your capability to endure and thrive as a Flameborn in the mystifying domain of Enshrouded. Keep them in mind as you navigate the game's early hurdles and assist your character in securing a foothold in this enigmatic world.

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