The Ultimate Guide to GTA 5's Final Mission Endings

  • John Williams
  • Jan-10-2024
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The Ultimate Guide to GTA 5's Final Mission Endings

Grand Theft Auto 5 offers players a narrative twist in its concluding mission, treating them to three diverging options - Deathwish, eliminate Michael, or annihilate Trevor. Each choice steers you towards a unique ending, hence it is crucial to save your progress before deciding. In this guide, we aim to shed light on the consequences of choosing Deathwish, eliminating Michael or Trevor, giving you a glimpse at the climax of each possible path.

The Last Mission: Choosing Your Fate

The stakes rise substantially after 'The Big Score' mission, with the player taking control of Franklin's decisions. At this point, influential Devin Weston visits Franklin and entices him to get rid of Michael, while informing him about the FIB's intention for Trevor's end. The ensuing final mission involves a critical choice:

  • Eliminate Michael
  • Get rid of Trevor
  • Choose Deathwish

This decision will bring the game to its climax, meaning if the player wishes to explore all possible conclusions, the game should be saved beforehand. It is worth noting that selecting 'Deathwish' is considered the optimal pick as all characters survive the endeavor.

The Fallout: Eliminating Michael

GTA 5: Choosing Michael

If the player chooses to exterminate Michael, a dramatic scene unfolds near the satellite dishes. The tension escalates, culminating in a suspenseful car chase leading to a power station. A struggle ensues between Franklin and Michael, during which Michael tumbles over a railing. Regardless of Franklin’s decision here, Michael unavoidably falls to his demise, finalizing this conclusion with a phone call from Franklin to Lamar, to reconcile.

The Repercussions: Eradicating Trevor

GTA 5: Trevor

Opting to decimate Trevor triggers a riveting face-off at the oil fields. The player, controlling Franklin, contacts Michael for support, before confronting Trevor. This leads to an exhilarating vehicular chase which concludes with Trevor's truck colliding with an oil tank and subsequently exploding. Trevor, despite his pleas, is incinerated by Franklin, marking the ending of this dramatic episode with Michael and Franklin departing on their separate paths.

The Ultimate Ending: Deathwish

GTA 5: Choosing Michael, Trevor, or Deathwish

The preferred approach, Deathwish, leads to a gripping showdown featuring all main characters against their common enemies - Haine's FIB agents and Weston's Merryweather mercenaries. The trio meticulously plan to eradicate their foes, thereby ensuring their survival, and tying the loose ends in their chaotic lives.

  • Michael eradicates Stretch and the Ballas
  • Franklin takes out Wei Cheng and the Triad
  • Trevor annihilates Steve Haines

Finally, they capture and confront Devin Weston, ending his life in a cinematic fashion by sending him down a cliff in the trunk of a car. The protagonists then part ways, having survived their calamitous journey together.

Completing Grand Theft Auto 5 is a memorable achievement, but remember, the game world is still teeming with uncompleted missions and treasures to find - from locating spaceship components to mastering the military base takeover. There is never a shortage of excitement in the realm of GTA 5!

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