Unleashing the Sky-Scalers: A Guide to Top Flying Mounts in Palworld

  • Mary Brown
  • Feb-07-2024
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Unleashing the Sky-Scalers: A Guide to Top Flying Mounts in Palworld

Acquiring an exceptional flying mount in Palworld can significantly transform your overall gaming experience. From swift navigation across massive water bodies to the effortless ascension of hilly terrains to the rapid circumvention of the game environment, optimum flying mounts undeniably add a thrill. A diverse array of flying mounts is available in the Palworld. Securing one initially may require some effort, but the payoff of equipping these skybeasts is equally gratifying. Today, we delve into our selection of top-performing flying mounts, offering a balance of speed, power, and utility for various battle scenarios and team builds.

1. Jetragon: A Hard-to-Track Beast

Jetragon in Palworld

Securing Jetragon, one of the rarest Pals in the game, will need considerable patience and determination. This elusive creature is largely missing during the initial stages of the game, often seen in boss fights rather than regular capture opportunities. You'll be in luck if you spot them around starting areas of lower levels. Once you manage to catch this elusive Pal, the mounting recipe becomes accessible at Level 50 in the Technology tree.

2. Vanwyrm: The Duality Advantage

Vanwyrm is an extraordinary Pal, boasting a dual characteristic as a Fire-type and Dark-type, thus providing double benefits. Whether you hatch an egg or encounter it north of the starting location in the dense forest around Twilight Dunes, you'll find its impressive flight speed and stamina quite beneficial. Enhancing Vanwyrm through the usage of Pal Souls enhances its capacity further. Capturing a Vanwyrm enables unlocking of the saddle at Level 21 in the Technology tree.

3. Ragnahawk: Power-packed Fire-Fury

Ragnahawk in Palworld

Found northwest of the Small Settlement near the starting area, Ragnahawk is an excellent Fire-type Pal. Capturing this powerful creature requires a strategic approach, primarily involving a preparedness to withstand its fiery punch and leveraging a Water-type for its vulnerability. This robust Pal is mostly encountered around the Level 25 Mount Obsidian region. After capturing a Ragnahawk, one can unlock the saddle recipe from the technology tree.

4. Beakon: The Electric Tempest

Our adventurous journey led us to Beakon. Either through the hatching of a large egg or by venturing into areas that range from the mid to high level, encountering a wild Beakon is quite a feat. This powerful electric-type Pal requires moving significantly further from the original spawn point to locate one. Once captured, you can unlock the saddle recipe for Beakon at Level 34 in the Technology tree.

5. Helzephyr: The Glowing Phantom

Helzephyr in Palworld

Closing our list is the unique Helzephyr, a Dark-type Pal recognized by its glowing luminescence, an intriguing sight in the night sky. Encountering your first Helzephyr takes you northeast from the starting point, around the lush forests and cliffs overlooking Marsh Island. If battling this mighty Pal seems overwhelming, you may opt to hatch it from an egg. By catching Helzephyr and furthering your mastery in the game, you can unlock the saddle recipe from the Technology tree.


As we wrap up, note that Palworld's gaming universe is vastly engaging and continually evolving. Therefore, optimize your strategy by adequately equipping your on-hand team and keep exploring. For more Palworld tips and guides, stay tuned for updates related to multiplayer use, acquiring Ancient Technology Points, and information about the best base Pals to collect.

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